A Sense of
Where everyone is a winner!
A camp that creates an environment of normalcy
where the children may run, roller skate, squeal,
burst balloons, eat watermelon, eat ice-cream, hug
and be hugged; and yes, tattle on each other
because that is what children do.
About Camp VIP
Camp VIP is a Day Camp for children in foster care
which began in 2000. This year Camp VIP  will be
held July 2
2 through 26.  We utilize a cogent
program of workshops, arts and crafts and team
The goal of Camp VIP is to help children in  foster care understand:
Camp VIP provides full breakfast (bacon, eggs, grits, etc) and full lunches
(meats, vegetables and fruits), healthy mid morning and mid afternoon snacks
and we purchase school supplies for each children.
Camp will be limited to 40 campers.
They had no choice about being placed in foster care but they do have
some choice about how they allow it to affect their life today and in the
How to recognize their anger, how to accept it, and how to manage that
How to live with a family other than their birth family.
CAMP VIP - Augusta, Georgia
Camp VIP
106 Wheeler Executive Center
Augusta, Georgia 30909
706-736-5000 office
706-736-0714 fax
Camp VIP
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